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Product Detail: ICPA XTAR is a toothpaste for tartar control. XTAR contains effective tartar controlling agents such as Potassium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Pyrophosphate and Sodium Fluoride that avoid future deposits from forming. Hence XTAR is recommended post scaling as it prevents the formation of new calculus. Key Features: - Protect your teeth from cavities and tartar buid up - Efficiently controls the formation of the new calculus - Freshens breath and whitens teeth - Keeps the teeth and gums healthy and protected - No side effects reported till date Key Benefits: - Potassium or Sodium Pyrophosphate acts as a chelating agent and efficiently removes the calcium from saliva to produce soluble complex and thus controls the formation of the new calculus - Sodium Fluoride prevents the metabolism of acid producing bacteria which control the tartar and cavities Usage: - Brush your teeth with this toothpaste atleast twice a day after meal. - Please consult your doctor and follow his or her recommendations. - Please do not self medicate. Caution: - Visit your dentist on a regular basis. - Do not give to children under the age of 2 years - Do child's brushing and rinsing under adults' supervision - Recommended only for calculus control Pack Contents: 1 ICPA XTAR toothpaste (100 gm).

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