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Feeling lethargic or bogged down by health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle? Bring more energy into your daily life by walking more often. You may need to count your daily steps in order to know how active you are. Medical experts believe that 10,000 steps in a day are the stepping stone to a healthy lifestyle. It might not be possible to manually keep track of your steps. To achieve this purpose, a pedometer is designed with special technology that senses and monitors your steps. The Omron Pedometer HJ-321 has 3D Smart Sensor technology, which means it can stay in your pocket and tilt in any angle, yet manage to count your steps correctly. To use this step counter for the first time, you need to program into it your stride length, weight and height. Based on this feed, it will be able to measure and accurately produce data. This tri-axis pedometer provides a record of steps taken from midnight of the current day. Other statistics are fat burnt, calories burnt and distance travelled. You can also access previous data to review your statistics, as it has a memory of 7 days. This functional pocket pedometer is easy to carry and comes in a sleek design, which can be put into a bag or clipped onto your belt. This sleek, small and silent tri-axis pedometer is a must-have for those who wish to keep an ongoing count of steps through their daily hectic schedules. Features: 3 dimensional sensor technology used, Displays number of steps, distance aerobics steps and calories burned with 7 days history storage,

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