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Product Detail:
Schwabe Calciokind helps in absorption, utilization and maintenance of calcium. Ensure proper metabolism of calcium and relieves pain in bones and muscle weakness. Influences development of bone structure and strengthens teeth and immune defense system.


Key Benefits:
Mode of actions of individual ingredients in Schwabe Calciokind Tablets:
- Calcarea carbonica Hahnemanni : it suits children who apparently look healthy, well-nourished but are sluggish both mentally and physically, are slow at school and games, have weak muscles and are liable to sprain their ankles or catch cold easily. It covers areas like enlarged tonsil, enlarged cervical glands which are common in children with low immunity
- Calcarea Fluorica : Poor assimilation of calcium often leads to delays in dentition and this drug along with calcarea phosphorica covers the problem efficiently. Indication also covers problems related to weak defences like follicular sore throat, head colds, ineffectual desire to sneeze, stuffy cold, dry coryza, hacking cough from tickling in larynx or frequent hoarseness of voice after crying or reading loudly
- Calcarea Phosphorica : It is especially suited for anaemic children, peevish, having cold extremities and feeble digestion. It covers calcium deficiency and is indicated for pain in bones and hypertrophy of adenoid tissues. It improves immune defence mechanism by its role in promotion of healthy cells
- Sulphur Iodatum : It covers pain on coughing, swallowing, swelling of gums, flux, sneezing, itching, skin eruptions in irritable, indifferent subjets very commonly met where the child suffers from weak defences


Is indicated to improve calcium assimilation and strengthen body resistance.


No contra-indications for the use of Calciokind are known.


No interactions between Calciokind and other products are known.


Kindly consult your qualified or licensed physician before using the product.


Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, it can be given 2 tablets 3 times a day.


Additional Information

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