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SBL's Cineraria Maritima eye drops (CME) is a well balanced formula of homoeopathic therapeutics for prevention of cataract and conjunctivitis. It is recommended for all middle aged persons and patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. It also relieves the pain or discomfort of eye due to oversensitivity to light.


Key Benefits:
- It gives immediate relief from the irritation and pain in eyes
- It is also helpful for diabetic patients who develop conjunctivitis
- It gives relief from any type of conjunctivitis
- It can be used to prevent cataract formation and hence is a helpful medicine in early cataract treatment
- It has anti biotic which prevents the infection from being spread
- It works great on swelling and water discharge from eyes
- It is strong enough for adults as well as gentle enough for children


Irritation or pain in eyes, conjunctivitis (Inflammation in eyes dye to infection or allergic reactions), irritation due to pollution or lighting, feeling strain in eyes, affinity to murkiness of crystalline lens, redness in eyes, haziness in vision, photophobia (oversensitivity to tolerance of light), lacrimation (abnormal emission of tears due to any disease), dryness in eyes and sticked lashes.


- In conjunctivitis, eyes become red or pink in color and water starts draining from eyes. If you wear contact lens, avoid them until the treatment is done or the symptoms are gone completely. Clean them and store them in case.
- In case of infection, use different compress for each eye. Same compress can spread infection to other eye.
- Use soft moist cloth or wipes to clean your eyes.
- After cleaning, trash the used wipes immediately.
- If the conjunctivitis is caused due to virus, do not go to work or school until the symptoms are gone away completely. Otherwise the virus may affect other people too.
- If the conjunctivitis is caused due to bacterial infection, you can go anywhere after 24 hours of treatment because antibiotics start working on bacteria's and don't allow them to spread.
- Wash your hands before and after touching the eyes.
- Do not share your eye makeup with anyone.
- For conductivities relief, throw your old eye makeup products and use new ones after the treatment is done.
- Don’t touch your eyes. If you do so, wash your hands. Infection can enter your body via mouth or nose too.


Kindly consult your qualified or licenced physician before using the product. Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia eye drops is non-irritant and isotonic in nature. It is manufactured under sterile conditions and is safe for use without any side effects. If you experience any irritation or redness in eyes, please consult your doctor.


Use 1 to 2 drops in both the eyes, 4-5 times a day for 2-3 months. Consult your physician for regular use.


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