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The Toshiba HT-201 Digital Clinical Thermometer is a basal temperature or fertility thermometer which records not only the body temperature but also helps women track their menstrual monthly cycle. Monitoring the Basal Body Temperature is an ideal method for women planning to conceive or avoid pregnancy. This thermometer is also known as Fertility or Basal Body Thermometer

Use cases:

(a) Understand the ovulation cycles and improve the chance of conceiving

(b) Avoid pregnancy

(c) understand hormonal changes and mood swings

(d) understand the quality of sleep

(e) understand the issues associated with menopause and help women to cope up with it

Key Features of Toshiba HT-201 Digital Clinical / Fertility Thermometer

Speed : Fast 40 second predictive measurement

Accuracy : Can measure 0.01°C compared to a normal thermometer that measures 0.1°C

Storage : Can store measurement data in the device

Wireless Data Transfer : To smartphone app

Ease of use : User friendly mobile application

Consultation: Can use the data for consultation with the medical doctors as needed

First of its Kind: This is one of it's kind product in India as of now.


Additional Information

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