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Product Detail:
SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets is a clinically proven product that has a mix of some well known homoeopathic medicines for treating Menstrual Disorders. The medicine is specially formulated to alleviate every month's trauma dysmenorrhoea. It refers to the menstrual pain that the woman has to go through and something that prevents her from going through her daily activities. The pain is a common symptom during the 20s and at times in the teen as well. This increased pain can even occur in the late 30s and 40s and even at the time of the menopause. This usually occurs because of the decrease in the hormonal level and fertility.


Key Benefits:
The key properties in SBL Homeopathy Dysmin Tablets are derived from the following ingredients in treatment of symptoms of dysmenorrhoea:
- Belladonna is quite effective to reduce the pain from hip to hip and also helps you avoid vomiting and nausea
- Caulophylllum Thlictroides is effective for problems related to uterine agony, spasmodic, dysmenorrhoea and pain that keeps spreading throughout the body
- Viburnum opulus is good for uterine pain, ovarian, cramps, sacrum ache, pubis and pain in thighs
- Cimicifuga recemosa treats pain within pelvis that keeps coming up during menses. Dark coagulated nervousness, irregular period, profuse bleeding etc.
- There are no side effects and one can consume them without worrying of any hormonal change
- No GIT is disturbed which usually happens with other medicine prescribed for Menstrual Cramps Cure
- Also helps fight anxiety and depression


It is indicated for dysmenorrhoea and the symptoms related to it. It helps cure pain in legs, backache, cramps, depression, anxiety etc.


No contraindications for the use of Dysmin are known.


Kindly consult your qualified or licensed physician before using the product.


An ideal prescription is of 4 tablets, 4 times a day on the first two days of your periods and take 4 tablets in case of pain. In case there is a reduction in the pain, the dosage can be reduced.


Additional Information

Short Description Dysmin Tablet is a superior pain reliever in abdominal cramps, backache, pain in legs and headache. It is free from hormonal side effects. it has no G.I.T. disturbances which is very common with other drugs. It also alleviates associated depression and anxiety.
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