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Product Detail:
Kof Aid Syrup is a high efficacious homoeopathic cough syrup which not only soothes the irritated throats but also brings out easy expectoration. It acts safely and swiftly in dry irritating, spasmodic allergic cough and congestive cough of bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Also checks headache, rhinitis and fever associated with above condition.


Key Benefits:
- Checks associated symptoms of headache, rhinitis and fever
- Aids expectoration and soothes throat
- Does not cause drowsiness and is completely safe for children and daytime use
- Safe to use with no side effects


It is indicated for rritated throat, dry cough, expectoration (coughing and spitting material), congestive cough, allergy of bronchitis, headache or fever due to throat allergy and allergic conditions as sinusitis or reflux diseases.


Kindly consult your qualified or licensed physician before using the product.


Adults : 1 tablespoon of syrup every, 3 to 4 hrs.
Children : 1/2 tablespoon of syrup every, 3 to 4 hrs.
Infants : 5 to 8 drops every, 3 to 4 hrs.


Additional Information

Short Description Soothes throat & aids expectoration. For dry, spasmodic, allergic, congestive cough of Bronchitis and Asthma. Checks associated symptoms of headache, rhinitis and fever.
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