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Product Detail:
Dr. Reckeweg R25 drops treats benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key ingredients like clematis, conium etc that act on chronic and acute Prostatitis (burning feeling when you urinate) and its other consequences.


Key Benefits:
The key properties in Dr. Reckeweg R25 drops are derived from the following ingredients in treatment of various benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms:
- Chimaphila umbellate treats sharp pains while urinating, constant urge to urinate especially at night, bladder stones (calculi) and the pain that runs from bladder to the extremity of urethra
- Clematis treats inflammatory conditions, glairy urine without pus, urine occurring at irregular intervals. It also treats venereal disease involving inflammatory discharge from the urethra or vagina (gonorrhea) and inflammation of testicles (orchitis)
- Conium treats paralytic weakness (asthenia) and weak urinary stream
- Ferrum picrin treats nocturnal (active at night) desire to urinate, urinary incontinence (lack of control) and usual desire to urinate
- Pareira brava treats benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms like acute recurrent inclination to evacuate the bowels (tenesmus), urination in drops and bladder calculi. It also treats the pain from kidneys down to thighs and aggregations of crystals (gravel) in urine
- Populous tremul. treats the urge of urinate that is painful, enlargement of (hypertrophy) of prostate gland and pain in area between the abdomen and the upper thigh (groin)
- Pulsatilla treats prostatitis, gonorrhea and orchitis. It also treats yellowish and turbid urine, hypertrophy of prostate gland and pain in the groins
- Sabal serr. treats hypertrophy of prostate gland that has involvement of bladder, constant urge to urinate and the painful urination


Dr. Reckeweg R25 drops are indicated for inflammation of the prostate gland (acute and chronic prostatitis). R25 drops addresses symptoms like sharp pains while urinating, pains across the bladder down to urethra, weak and hazy urine, urinary incontinence, groin pain, bladder calculi.


Kindly consult your qualified or licensed physician before using the product.


Generally 4 to 6 times daily 10 to 15 drops of Dr. Reckeweg R25 in some water before meals.When improving reduce the dose to 3 times daily 10 drops for a longer period until complete recovery.


Additional Information

Short Description R no 25 is very helpful for acute and chronic prostatitis and its consequences.
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