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Product Detail:
Allen Homeopathy A67 Back Pain Drops is indicated for pain or discomfort in the upper, middle or lower back. Upper back pain (affecting the area of cervical and thoracic spine), Middle back pain (affecting the area of dorsal spine), and lower back pain or Lumbago (affecting the area of lumbo-sacral spine).


Key Benefits:
Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allen A67 Back Pain Drops:
- Rhus toxicodendron : Pain between shoulders on swallowing. Pain and stiffness in small of back. Cervical stiffness causing patient to stretch and move about. Pain in inner, upper left scapula
- Bryonia alba : Pains stitching, tearing
- Hypericum perforatum : Pressure over sacrum, coccydynia. Injuries of spine (fractures, sprains) with sharp, shooting pains
- Colocynthis : Contraction of muscles. Cramp like pains in the back and hips
- Nux vomica : Backache, must sit up to turn in bed. Chilliness of back and limbs, and pain of skin as from freezing cold
- Arnica Montana : Sore, lame, bruised feeling all over body as if beaten. Hard bed sensation. Sore pain when touched
- Actea Racemosa : Stiffness and contraction in neck and back. Crick in the back
- Ruta graveolens : Backache, relieved by lying on the back
- Magnesium phosphoricum : Cramping, lightening-like, shooting, sharp, cutting, stabbing, stitching, rapidly changing place. Pains come and go suddenly
- Aesculus hippocastanum : Spine feels weak, back and legs give out, backache affecting sacrum and hips. Alternate heaviness and lameness


Kindly consult your qualified or licensed physician before using the product.


8 to 10 drops in half cup of water daily 4 times or as directed by the Physician.


Additional Information

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